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THE CREDIT CARD ERA: I can’t get no satisfaction

March 28, 2010

This is the Credit Card Era. Short-termism and overconsumption are the disease of this century. Everybody  is enjoying transient pleasures they haven’t earned and can’t afford.  We are all addicts squirming to get our next fix. We have an endless list of needs. How is using a Credit Card any different from a smoking addiction? It’s  the same scam, consume now pay later…  pleasure now, damage later.

You don’t have to have the means or resources to seek satisfaction of your needs. All you have to do is wave your magic wand and every  wish comes true. You  can have what you need, and when your satisfied new needs will be created. You can want what others have and you can have whatever you want.  But where does it end?

All of life’s delights are mass produced, neatly packaged and heavily advertised.  We are all dazzled by signs, mesmerized by hidden messages and humming catchy  jingles.  All we have to do to get what we need is keep running  on our ferret wheel; working eight hour jobs and doing overtime so we can spend money we don’t have. It’s not a matter of scarcity of resources  anymore it’s  a matter of insatiable demands.

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